Sunday Covey Hill! (160 km)

(Max Shapiro) #1

Hey everyone!

I am looking to do a nice Covey Hill ride this Sunday. The weekends of sun and nice weather are winding down, so looking to get out there while we still have the chance.

The ride is around 160 km. Looking to do it at an intermediate pace (26-28 km/h average).

Leaving at 8 am on Sunday from HQ!

Let me know if you are interested in coming:

  • Let’s send it! (Coming)
  • Studies have got me down (Not Coming)

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(Nowaz Syed) #2

Might be interested

(Giulio) #3

I will be there

(Giulio) #4

Is it confirmed?

(Max Shapiro) #5

yeah Giulio! We will be rolling out from HQ at 8 tomorrow. Looking forward to it!

(Nowaz Syed) #6

Slight change of plans, can’t come :frowning: