Sunday Ride??

Testing the waters on who would like to do a ride this Sunday of about 100ish km. Vote below if you’d be interested and comment if you have anything in particular you want to do. As always, feel free to hit my line if you have any questions.

  • I want to ride this Sunday (29/9)
  • I do NOT want to ride this Sunday (29/9)

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hell yeah

Would but can’t

For those curious / want the gpx file, here is the route:

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It might be worth checking if people living in Montreal are cleared for recreational travel to the south shore. If I understood correctly, Montreal is Orange alert 3, but the south shore is level 2. I think that might mean only work travel is allowed to the south shore but I don’t really know the rules

What’s the departure time? ~11am?

Hi Tyrel (and everyone else),

In light of the code orange in Montreal, we have decided to change the ride to a West Island Loop to avoid inter-regional travel. The route can be found here:

There can be an option to omit the Ile Bizard loop which would make the ride about 90km on the dot. Sorry for the change of plans everyone.

Let’s make the meeting spot on the corner of Mont Royal and Clark like we did for the training camp at 10:00am. Hope that works for everyone!