Thanksgiving Pseudo Training Camp!

Hello everyone!

With the five day weekend coming up, we have a few plans in the works in terms of riding, and team bonding :star_struck: :star_struck: Since we can’t have an away training camp like previous years, we’ll be hosting rides from Montreal. So far the planned group rides will be:

Saturday: a classic St-Remi ride (~90km) during the day, with dinner at Siboire (on St Laurent) in the evening!
Sunday: Covey Hill (160km)
Tuesday: West Island Loop

However, if you’re planning to head out on additional rides throughout the weekend, and want a group to go with, post about it in the comments below!

We’ll be updating this post with details about the rides (start location, time, and route files) so make sure you check back to avoid missing out :partying_face:

The rides will also be added to our Strava Club page.

I hope to see everyone this weekend!!!




Possibility of Covey on Saturday as it might rain on Sunday?

Here are the links to the Strava events and GPX files:

-St-remis Saturday:

-Covey Hill Sunday:

-West Island Loop Tuesday:

Hi everyone,

Do you remember me, the old guy? I just got back from cycling in Italy and was wondering if I could join you on Sat and/or Tue. I should be ok following you for 100k trips, but the 160k is probably a bit much for me.

Ya for sure! Hope to see you there :smiley:

For the ride tomorrow, Any idea how long it will take to get to St. Rémi ? (or the average speed in general)
I have a run session ending at 11 so I’m thinking of doing a shorter loop & joining the group mid-ride.

pace will be easy 25-30 kph

Thanks! Is it one shot or did you plan stops along the route?

Also, if anyone has a Group Track compatible Garmin device please let me know!
(Otherwise I’ll just backtrack the route)