The Lost Art of the Group Ride

I would like everyone new and old to MCT to check out this article I came across today regarding ride etiquette and group rides. We don’t have a lot of particular rules on MCT rides, nor do we have too many members with decades of riding experience that regularly come on our rides so I think it’s important to try to share the knowledge we have.

MCT is a racing club, and going fast is fun, but the etiquette keeps us all safe, makes us better riders, and makes the rides more enjoyable.

I’m sure there is a mention somewhere in that article about the safety implications of burning every red light when you ride in a paceline.
Oh wait, no there isn’t.

How are you supposed to rack up the chamois time if you take your shorts of immediately after your ride?

Just don’t get off your bike.
Learn how to make an omelette while trackstanding in the kitchen.

Seriously though, Jocelyn. Some etiquette should be obvious, I am talking about the finer points.
I think this article from Pez made it on this forum at one point in time. It’s also a good review of some of the more basic principles.

Sometimes the obvious needs to be pointed out. If only for future reference when one of us actually has an accident.