Thinking on changing my groupset

I got a brand new hanger after a crash this year and yet I still seem to have trouble shifting after indexing and brand new cables. I have a feeling that my derailleur is to blame (though my bike shop maybe didn’t catch on to that?). I’m thinking on changing my shimano sora groupset to 105 5800, which would give me 2 more gears. Would my bike be able to fit this? I don’t know much about drivetrain upgrades. I have a giant defy 3 2016 with sora 2x9. Also, where’s the best place or when should I buy this to correspond with seasonal deals?

You’re right, it could be the derailleur. 105 5800 should work without issues. You’ll need at least the shifters, cassette, both derailleurs and maybe a new crankset and a new hub/wheels that take the 11 speed cassette.
You can check some local shops and see what they charge for a new groupset but I would assume it will be cheaper to shop online. Alternatively, you could look for a used group.

I recently upgraded to 105 and you should check out you current hub because it might be 11 speed compatible.
I bought my groupset on but also has good deals on group sets too.
If you are worried it’s your derailleur and you are already set on upgrading you can also try giving it a bend on the bike so that it sits straight. They are pretty sturdy things surprisingly.

Just out of interest did you check the hanger alignment? I know I had problems with mine post replacement…

Did not but I did an overhaul of my cables yesterday so maybe that was it even though they were already new… We’ll see how that goes

Yeah hangers can bend sometimes through regular use. Another good thing to check is to see if your limits are set correctly.

Salty old alum chiming in here - I recently got a Park derailleur alignment gauge, after finding my shifting to be intolerable and un-tuneable.

Honestly, it’s a must-have for home adjustments. There’s nothing that guarantees that a new hanger is well aligned when it’s installed. I’ve since taken a few RDs off (on my MTB, commuter, friends’ bikes) and so far 100% of them have needed a minor adjustment, and all showed improvements after.

Also, if you’re thinking of upgrading from Sora, I have some Red 10sp sitting in a box I was thinking I’d list in the classifieds. Good deal, better if you have a US mailing address (friend, family, etc) you can send it to. I moved from Mtl to California a few years ago now.

@John_Turtle full red 10sp?

p.s. hows the west coast

I’m not sure about the casette, but otherwise yeah. It’s certainly not the hollow cassette that goes “PING!!!” every shift.

West Coast is rad. Great climbs all year if you don’t mind rain.

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@John_Turtle Thanks for your offer! I narrowed my problem down to the gear cables as I changed them recently and so far I have no problems. I think I’ll just stick with Sora for this year until I just get a new bike next year or during the end of season sales.

Cedric, good news.

Watch for cable stretch in your first few rides, obviously.

Have fun out there!

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@John_Turtle I might be interested in the 10sp red. I’m still on 10 speed 105

I’ve got a nice stack of gear I will put in the classifieds. I figured someone here might want it.

Also just remembered it’s a Fulcrum crankset not Red.