Time changed to 7:00! Bar night: 3 brasseurs 7:00 PM Saturday

Hi all, I know its a busy time of year, but take a break and come hang out with your McGill cycling friends at the pub! The place is 3 brasseurs McGill, located at 732 Rue Sainte-Catherine. It’s a casual atmosphere and they serve food as well as drinks. So if your not busy this weekend, by all means sign up, and tell me if you prefer Friday or Saturday night!

    1. Friday
    1. Saturday
    1. Thanks, but I have better plans!

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Physically impossible to make better plans


I’ve got plans Friday evening, but if people are still out later I’ll probably swing by!

I won’t be in MTL Friday or Sat night… I’m game in the future tho!

Let’s do this Saturday night, meet me at the entrance at 7:30. For those of you who can’t make it, rest assured there will be many more fun events in the future!


It looks like they are actually quite busy to night, but can fit us in at 7:00, so I have changed the time!

We’ve got a table. Go upstairs and you’ll see us