Toguri Training for the Winter

Hi Everyone!

Want a way to stay fit this winter? Train on a bike with others rather than alone on zwift? Improve on your technique? Join Toguri training this winter!

What is it?
Toguri Training Systems is a coaching studio run by Scott Toguri McFarlane in the heart of Verdun (where Nick, TPR and KOM coach now works). McGill cycling has worked with Scott for the past several years. Scott is phenomenal, and coaches several continental riders among those who he actively works with and trains.

These sessions take place once a week, for the duration of one hour. They are interval based, with each workout curated by Scott. The idea is that you ride on brand new FANCY WAHOO BIKES ( ), and Scott coaches you through the workout. Several MCT riders have taken part in this program in the past, and can attest to the fact that it is extremely valuable training!

How much does it cost?
Scott offers us a 40% discount on these sessions, which ends up being $25+tx per session. For 10 weeks, that amounts to $250+tx .

What if I want to try it out first?
Scott has offered to let people try the first class in the studio, free of charge , during the first week of classes (which will be Thursday October 20th). You can decide after that whether you’d like to continue doing it or not! Like I mentioned, the date for this is Thursday October 20th at 7:15pm!! Come try out the bikes, do a workout, and catch up with friends from the team.

Other specifics:
Where : 3939 Wellington Street Montreal, QC, Canada H4G 1V6
When : Thursdays from 7:30PM - 8:30PM starting the week of October 20th

If you are interested, please indicate so in the poll below! There are currently only 6 spots available in the class. As interest has been much higher than that in years past, we can coordinate another training slot if necessary (so we could have two sessions of 6 riders each). Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have!

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