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Time to commit!

Toguri training systems is the spinning/training studio of our coach Scott McFarlane. This is an excellent way of improving over the winter. We had a great group last year, and everyone made huge improvements!

What: 10 Toguri spin classes (1h)
Where: YM/YWHA: 5400 Westbury Avenue • Montreal, QC • H3W 2W8
When: Thursday, 6:45 PM, starting in January
Price: 200$ + tax for 10 classes
Important: There are only 8 spots available

  • YES, I want to break free!
  • No, I’d rather get dropped

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Please email me with your full name if you want to join so we can set you up.


I still have 3 (I think) classes paid for last year that I could make due to travel that I’ll join in for this year…

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We have:

  1. Felix
  2. Nick
  3. Adithya
  4. Khaled
  5. Alexis
  6. Monica
  7. Max
  8. Emily

and we’re full


I think I do too…

Hey, Starting when?