Toguri Training

Want to pull up to racing stronger than ever? Drop your friends on fierce group rides? Improve on your technique? Join Toguri training!

What is it?
Toguri Training Systems is a coaching studio run by Scott Toguri McFarlane, who is the coach our team has worked with for the past several years. Scott is phenomenal, and counts several pro continental riders among those who he actively works with and trains.

These sessions take place once a week, for a duration of one hour. They are interval based, with each workout curated by Scott. The idea is that you ride on computrainers (equivalent to smart trainers), and Scott coaches you through the workout. Several MCT riders have taken part in this program in the past, and can attest to the fact that it is extremely valuable training!

How much does it cost?
Scott offers us a 50% discount on these sessions, which ends up being $20+tx per session. For 10 weeks, that amounts to $200+tx .

What if I want to try it out first?
Scott has offered to let people try the program out, free of charge, during the first training of next semester. You can decide after that whether you’d like to continue doing it or not!

Other specifics:
Where: 5400 Avenue de Westbury, Montreal
When: Thursdays from 6.45PM - 7.45PM starting the first week of January

If you are interested, please indicate so in the poll below! Feel free to contact me for any questions you might have regarding this.

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FYI Scott is probably one of the best cycling coaches in Canada, definitely worth it!


Last call on this before I hand names and emails over to Scott! If you have any doubts or questions, feel free to ask :slight_smile: Wouldn’t hurt to try the first one out as well!

Does it start tomorrow?

No, will be the following week!

Reminder the first class of the semester is free of charge, after which you can decide whether you’d like to continue or not! We still have three spots left. Sign up y’all!!!

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I’ll be racing track until Feb 22. Could I come the weeks that I don’t have races / after I’m done with the season?

Hey Adam,

I think we’d be able to do a “pay-per session” deal since we have the space. You can feel free to slide in my DMs with the dates that you can make it and I can pass it along to Scott. ALSO, still TWO open spots left everyone else!!

I would really love to do this! Is it possible for me to join starting this Thursday?

Hi Olivia,

Yes! Could you personally message me your email address?