Tour de Beauce Cyclosportive Sunday June 7th

This isnt’ a race per se. It’s better. 100km rolling course. Beautiful roads, beautiful scenery. 200 rider pack ranging from baby-boomers on tandems to…well you know…good, so there is always someone going your pace (even you AJ). There is a neutral start, and then the actual start at the bottom of the first climb, so you are never actually riding hard in a 200 strong pack.

It’s in St George de Beauce, which is a 4hr drive from Mtl, so I get a hotel room for the Saturday night. I will be booking my room by Thursday and was wondering if anyone wanted to split expenses. I will be renting a vehicle if no one else has one who is coming. It’s not the cheapest race ever, but I’ve done it for the last 2 years and I’ve really enjoyed it every time. Oh, and the registration price includes a big meal after, showers, and a swanky t-shirt.

I’ve clicked I’m in, but I’ll make an official decision in a day or two.

i’m extremely interested. i will let you know soon!

oh, and because it’s not a real race, you are welcome to wear what ever kit you want.

I’d definitely like to come, will confirm I don’t have to work in the lab that weekend soon.

do you have an estimate on how much hotel/car rental would be? i’m kind of low on funds so it will all come down to that. and if i can book saturday off work.

cost will depend on how many peps come. Hotel looks to be $90 for a room fro 4…$100 for 5. Cars will depend on if anyone with vehicle comes…and again, how many. if we are 4, we can fit into a van which will will be ~$150 +gas. So if there are 4 people coming that works out to ~$60 +gas. So around the cost of an ECCC weekend. With a much better course.

Another possibility would be to camp. That would drop accommodations from $90 to $30.

oooo, camping. i wouldn’t be opposed to that! provided we have all the necessary equipment…

We wouldn’t be roughing it too much. We would only need tent/sleeping bag/pad.

and meals? will we need to bring stove, pots, food, ect?

only if you can’t survive without a hot meal. The hotel room wouldn’t have a stove and pots either. So we can either hit up the closest grocery store and have a picnic dinner, or head to the nearest diner.

I’m sure if you guys needed to you could borrow Leslie’s 4 man tent. We also have some sleeping bags if you don’t have your own.

I might be up for camping, but ALL of my camping gear is in Alberta.

Hey, My bike is broken, but I have a plan to have it back in order, however it would mean that I wouldn’t be able to leave montreal until later in the afternoon (1600- 1800 (conservative estimate)) on Saturday. Can you wait to leave?

adam. see email i sent you.

i sent it to your mail.mcgill address.

I’m confused Victoria, I’ve gotten the string of emails that started with yours a few days ago but there is no departure time disscussed. If you sent a new email I haven’t recieved it.