Tour of Flanders 2012

Start time: Sunday April 1 10:00 CET (4:00:00 AM EDT)
Earliest live video: 12:00 CET (6:00:00 AM EDT)
Approximate finish: 16:22 CET (10:22:00 AM EDT)

In my opinion, this race is better than Paris-Roubaix. Predictions?!

Apparently it has a museum too. I laughed when I saw that this was in it:

um, can someone explain that picture to me? I guess I’m not a real cyclist cuz i don’t get it. who is crucified?

My hunch is on Boonen since he was the Belgian national champ during the 2010 season

edit: I had to google this I’m actually very dumb and don’t know anything by heart

David would be correct

But you can be the judge: (2:30)

every time i see that video it’s shocking how smooth fabians pedal stroke was compared to boonen. unbelievable considering they’re both grade A cyclists

Fabian or Boonen… I say Boonen… Fabian Seems to have no sense of how to sit on wheels.

u can see where fabian turns on the gruber assist, its at exactly 2:40

Here’s a cyclingnews recap of the Cancellara/Boonen rivalry in the past 7 years. Between the both of them they got more than half of the Ronde/Roubaix titles since 2005.

For online video coverage

Joelle Numainville came third in the women’s edition!

Good race. Predictable result.

Well it could have been different had somebody kept rubber side down…

Was a let down for da Ronde… It was not a predictable outcome. The course is too hard and it is being played out similarly to an Ardennes Classic. zzzzz… boring. P.s. the race outcome was decided with 62k to go

He would have lost anyway. I have faith in my hero.

Wasn’t quite the same without the muur…

I just really wish more big names could have been in the finale. Edvald BH, Sagan, Vanmarke, Van Avermat… I love boonen (and am glad he won), but ballan and pozzato just don’t quite do it for me.

Pozzato and Ballan are bigger names than sagan, EBH, etc…

Interesting note from this years RVV