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Hey all,

Let’s get the sprinting party started this Tuesday.

Meet at the F1 hairpin at 6.30AM for a 6.35AM start. Reminder: This ride is only for experienced intermediate and advanced riders only.

Refer to the following rulebook for more information, if you weren’t there for TPR#0.

TPR Rulebook 2018-2019.pdf (494.9 KB)

Sign up if you plan on coming:

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(Clay) #3

Can I meet up with someone from the plateau to make sure that i get there on time and not lost? Thanks. lemme know if anyone is down.

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Yeah, no probs! We can meet on the corner of Rachel & St.Laurent at like 6.10?

(Antoine Morin-Prévost) #5

I’ve read the rulebook but still I find some things are unclear.

1-Answered my own question
2-It says that “The race consists of three individual two-lap heats. All riders traditionally ride in all three heats but are not required to.” but also says later on that there’s going to be teams. So is it a team effort or an individual effort ?
3-If it is a team effort, can we switch teams during the course of the season or are the teams fixed ?
4-Later in the document it reads “Choice of Sprint Points: Though each TPR heat involves
three separate sprint segments” What do those segment consist of? Where are they located?
I thought that every sprint occured at the start/finish line, the intermediate sprint occuring on the first lap of the heat and the advanced sprint occuring on the second one. Please clarify.

I’m looking forward to reading your answers !

(Adithya Lakshminarayanan) #6
  1. You work in a team, for individuals to sprint. If someone in your team scores some points, you also receive their points.
  2. The teams change from week to week. The idea is that you collect points as an individual, but every week, you get all the points your team scored on that week.
  3. You are right about the intermediate and advanced sprint locations and timing. If there are enough women, a third sprint will end under the bridge (after passing the casino). This sprint will take place on the first lap.

(Clay) #7

Yep that works see you then

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