TPR #1

Hi again!

Here is some information for our first for points TPR ride for the season!

On September 14th, at 6:30am, we will meet at the entrance of CGV (Circuit Gilles Villeneuve). Due to the riding on tight corners, this ride will be cancelled if the ground is wet at the start of the ride. Therefore if you wake up, see that it is wet outside, TPR has been cancelled for that day. We will also post here if that is the case. If you do not know exactly where the meeting spot is, let me know and I’ll be happy to help you out.

Please read the below rulebook before attending (ignore the dates).

And don’t stress if all of this doesn’t make sense – more of this will be explained in person. Other than that, try to be on time, because this ride typically starts no any later than 06:35pm. Sign up if you plan on coming and don’t hesitate with any questions.

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Hi! I’m not sure how to contact the cycling team so ill ask you here. I am interested in joining. It’s been about three months that i haven’t been on a formal training ride but I have been a cyclist for many years. Could i attend tomorrow’s morning ride? I don’t have a bike in Montreal yet so I would use the Bixi bike. I have been doing a few trainings with that one. Let me know! My mcgill email where you can reach me is

Hi Miranda,

We are all inclusive so you may absolutely join the club! However, for safety reasons while riding together we can not let you join the ride on a bixi bike. I would be happy to assist you find another bike.


Okay! Is there a cost to join the team? And also do you know of any road bikes for rent that are not too expensive or used biked for rent?

Yes, registration will be up this week and we will let you know! Ma bicyclette does rentals I believe?

Hope that helps!