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Hello Everyone,

Join us again for another TPR.

This ride is only for intermediate and advanced riders! You should be comfortable riding in a pace line at a fast pace. Please consult the following rulebook to familiarise yourself with the ride, if you have not done so already:TPR Rulebook 2018-2019.pdf (494.9 KB)

Note that the ride will be cancelled if the ground is wet at 6AM on the day that it is scheduled to take place.

Please sign up below if you plan on coming:

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I’m not sure if it is dry on the track yet, but I will have to miss out today as I’m not running on a lot of sleep. If people do go out, and it’s dry enough to be safe, would someone mind taking the points down and sending them to me?

(William Goodfellow) #6

I was there, I rode flat out 6 laps. May I get all the points :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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@willthespill1 I think you technically only get points for the intermediate sprint in the first heat, isn’t that right @adithyalaks?

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