TPR 2023 (every Tuesday)!

Hey everyone!

TPR will be up and running once again this fall, starting Tuesday September 5th (I heard through the grapevine there may be a special start of year kick-off party in the evening of the 5th as well) ! This will be the first TPR event, and it will run every Tuesday morning until November (stay tuned for the plan when the F1 track closes at the end of September)! The first TPR is always introductory, and is therefore not for points. Please consult the attached rulebook to learn what TPR is if you are new to the team!

TPR Rulebook 2018-2019.pdf (494.9 KB)

We will do one or two introduction heats, and will try simulate what TPR is like in the subsequent heats.

Each Tuesday we will aim to be at the F1 track at 6.30AM for a 6.40AM start. TPR will be cancelled in the event the ground is wet at 6AM on the day. The decision to cancel will be sent to the Facebook groupchat, so please reach out to the McGill cycling Facebook account to be added to the chat! We will finish around 7:45/8, leaving everyone PLENTY of time to make it to 8:30 lectures :slight_smile:

Please sign up if you plan on coming:

  • Coming and have read the handbook!
  • Can’t make it

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I hope @Luke read point n7 of the general rules carefully :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
So excited to see y’all next week!!!