Trainer Rental

What’s indoor training without a trainer? Here’s the signup for copping yourself a trainer. The way it’ll work is that you’ll pay us a security deposit for the trainer in case it goes missing, and when you return it you’ll get your money back.

Indicate in the poll below if you’re interested in renting and we can arrange a pickup time.

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  • Nope, I’m good

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Hi Jacob, it would be helpful to know more about the trainers that are available for rent. Thanks.

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Hi all,

Update: We have currently rented out all of our team trainers. We are in the process of acquiring more team trainers and will keep everyone posted with more updates.



Hey there ! I’m a bit late to the parade on this but I’d be interested in renting a trainer if it’s possible at some point. Were you able to acquire more ?

Hi Andre!

Unfortunately, all the trainers we have in stock are currently rented out. Sorry!


Hi Nick,
Thanks for the answer and no worries, I totally understand. Which trainers did you get for the club ? (Maybe it could be worth the long term personal investment !)

Hi Andre,

The club has a mix-bag of trainers (none are smart). We have Tacx, Giant and Soozier models I believe.