UPDATED: Democracy + Pizza (Wednesday at 6pm-EUS Common Room)

Hi All,
Elections time is officially here. Wednesday April 25th at 6PM (in the EUS common room) we will elect our new MCT executive. I encourage everyone to show up for some free food and to exercise your democratic rights as members. All MCT team and club members are eligible to vote in our elections.

As usual there will be free pizza at elections.

Please contact me in advance if you are interested in running for a position. Any MCT members who are also McGill students are eligible to run for a position.

As in previous years the positions available are:

  1. President
  2. VP Finance
  3. VP External
  4. VP Events
  5. VP Sponsors
  6. VP Internal
  7. VP Jerseys

We can potentially double up or merge some positions if desired. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like any more information about these roles.

  • I will be there
  • I will not be there

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I have an exam at the time, so I will not be able to attend. However, I will send a speech in!

I can deliver said speech, full-heartedly.

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We will meet in the EUS common room (basement McConnell Engineering Building)

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Can I rent a cup?

Calling all hockey players on the team: your chance to make 2 bucks!

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What kind of pizza does everyone want?

Get enough veggie and other than that all dressed and or pepperoni.

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Veggie or all dressed is a pretty safe bet!

One with stilton cheese, foie gras, platinum ossetra caviar, truffle, and 24K gold leaves would be nice, thanks!

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might be ~10 minutes behind schedule w/pizza so don’t rush

is someone in there, my meaningless management ID won’t let me in

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