Velogames: 2017 Tour de France

The most hyped race of the year. The most prestigious Velogames title after the Spring Classics.

Chris Froome hasn’t won a race in 2017 so obviously he is the favourite to take a fourth yellow jersey. Throw your hat in the ring at:

League Code: 222577130

The 2017 Tour de France starts in Germany on Canada Day though no Canadians are confirmed to race so far (come on Antoine Duchesne). The course is a poor excuse for a tour (sorry Northwest France, maybe next year you will get a boring transition stage).

Best of luck.


no Ty Dancos allowed


imma tell him

The trifecta :wink:

Sagan kicked out and a number of big stars nuked by that opening wet TT…


Welp. My big three were Froome, Sagan, and Valverde. One left, and he’s already crashed…

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Remember when Cav took out Tom Veelers?

More carnage!!!

bye bye


Fulsang out

  • almost all of FDJ out
  • cataldo out

Brutal tour…

@vnadon I feel sorry for you, jeeeeeez

I’m okay, I was already out when Cavendish and Sagan got out of the Tour :frowning: