Vermonster 2011!

The annual Vermonster training camp is upon us! Since this is also an ECCC race weekend, we will be combining friendly competitions and local rides through Vermont’s rolling countryside!

Where: working on the details of the stay but we will be in the East Burke/St. Johnsbury region

When: October 15 and 16

What: There will be road rides through the quaint little towns of the Northeastern Vermont and MTB racing at Catamount Trail Centre on Saturday. After an evening of feasting and merriment, we will have road rides, MTB rides and MTB racing on Sunday. Everyone is strongly encouraged to ride the Kingdom Trails on Sunday! This remains an absolute favourite place to ride and is a prime location for trying out the sport for the first time.

Who: the event will have to be limited to 20 people at the moment who have paid their team fees. Perhaps we can open it up to more in the future.

How much: we’re looking at $70-$90. This includes travel, accommodations and food! What a steal!

Why: Because it’s prime foliage season and there is no better place to ride a bike than Vermont!!


I’m only coming because you said prime foliage.


This is a pretty poor time not to have a passport.

We could head south to Prescot and you could swim across.

If there’s any room for non-students…

My MTB hasn’t been used since the last vermonster, time to tune it up.

Do you have an expected time of departure on friday Emily? I have a lesson later in the afternoon that I can’t really cancel.

I’ll be doing hills all next week in preparation…especially since I haven’t had the chance to ride in the past week

I’m in the same situation as Eric. I signed up but I have a class ending at 4. If it’s not possible to leave at that time I’ll give my space to someone else.

Hmm, I’m assuming the departure time will be around 6pm. I’ll be sending out an email tomorrow!

I did not receive any email, need my address?

Sorry about the tardiness :s. I haven’t sent an email out yet as I’m still working on it

Sorry won’t be able to make this again maybe next year

Just sent the email… let me know if you didn’t get it!

Would love to go but I have 4 midterms next week. Have fun guys!

Does anyone else want to ride xc on Saturday but not race? I would hit KT both days.

Jon, I’m up for MTB both days no racing.

I replied in the email, I also really want to MTB at least one of the 2 days. I’ll go with you if you don’t mind waiting for me every 5mn…