Vermont "Camp Training Camp" OFFICIAL SIGNUP

(Mary Hnatyshyn) #1

Hi everyone!

Get ready to dust off your roasting skewers and flaunt your fire making skills, because the weekend of September 20 - September 22 has been chosen for McGill Cycling’s first “Camp Training Camp” !

The plan is to head to Vermont Friday afternoon/evening, ride all day Saturday and most of Sunday, and return back to Montreal late Sunday evening. With route options for both intermediate and advanced riders, the weekend will provide a great opportunity to increase fitness and get a few final rides out of the season, and to get better acquainted with the club and its members!

This year both a large cabin and camp site have been booked for the weekend, hence the name. We will be staying at a campsite located right on Lake Dunmore, with full washroom facilities, 2 pools, and additional camping activities.

Although we have a cabin for those who would prefer to stay inside, depending on numbers, some of us will be lucky enough to enjoy the full camping experience! Therefore, if you have camping supplies you are able to bring (tents, sleeping bags/mats, etc.), please comment below what you can supply, as this will help keep the trip cost down.

Until numbers are finalized, an exact cost for the trip cannot be pinpointed, but will likely fall between $60-90 per person. Since a major expenditure is on rental cars, being able to use cars owned by those coming on the trip will help lower trip fees. If you have a car we can use to get to Vermont, the club will help to subsidize your trip fee. Please also note that to attend the training camp, you must be a full club member (keep an eye on the forum for a post about registration!)

If a weekend of riding, swimming, and eating s’mores sounds preferable over another Sunday in Redpath, then use the poll below to officially register for Camp! We will be using the poll to finalize numbers, so please sign up only if you plan on coming. The poll will officially close September 16 to allow for final planning. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to any of the Exec members!

What to do now:

  • Sign up in the poll!
  • Comment camping supplies you can bring
  • Ensure you have a valid passport
  • Watch for information on member registration, and register when it opens!
  • Get excited.
  • Coming!
  • Coming, and I have a car to bring
  • Can’t make it.

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(Mary Hnatyshyn) #2

(Felix Oestereich) #3

Ohh yes!

I’ll camp and I have everything required. I also have a spare mat and maybe a car.

(emily) #4

I’ll camp too, have everything I need and have a car :slight_smile:


I’ve got a few spare pads, lanterns, a propane camp stove, and can bring 2 tents if need be

(Julius Stroock) #6

I’d like to camp but I only have a sleeping bag and a mat as far as camping gear goes.

(Herman Tubungbanua) #7

Hello hello! When you say “must be a full Club member”, do you mean simply:

“must be a Club member”,
“must be a Team member”?

(Myles Lehman) #8

I also have a car and everything to camp except a stove!

(Mary Hnatyshyn) #9

To come on the trip, we ask that everyone is at least a Club member ($50). However, those who are a Team member ($125) will have part of their trip fee subsidized by the club. If you are planning on coming to other training weekends, races, or buying a jersey, the difference in membership fees will more than pay for itself. Team members are subsidized $50-100 per race weekend they attend, $100+ for our spring training camp, and receive a significant discount when ordering team clothing.

To answer your question, you only have to be a Club member, but I would highly recommend you pay the difference now to be a Team member, as it will come with significant savings in the long run. (starting with a lower camp fee for next weekend!)

(Matthew Seeley) #10

I am pretty keen to come, however I have precisely zero camping gear here in Canada so tenting is not an option for me.

(Mary Hnatyshyn) #11

(Craig Knobovitch) #12

When’s the deadline again? Really hoping my cold is 100% gone before committing.

(Mary Hnatyshyn) #13

Deadline to decide is tonight!

(Craig Knobovitch) #14

Gonna pass on accidentally getting everyone sick.

(Maxime Buteau) #15

I have everything I need to camp except a stove although I don’t insist on sleeping outside.

(Max Shapiro) #16

I do not have much camping gear at all, so if there is a spot in the cabin, would really prefer that.

(Adithya Lakshminarayanan) #17