Vote YES for McGill Bike Center- November 8

Hi All,

There will be a vote on November 8 (I believe students will receive an email from SSMU through their McGill email addresses to access the vote) to start building what sounds like an amazing bike centre, including:

  1. offer 350 secure bike parking spaces; 2) provide a gender-neutral shower and locker facility; 3) consolidate and improve SSMU support spaces; and finally, 4) expand and offer a more accessible space for The Flat Bike Collective.

Here is the link to the FB event that has a lot more information on the project.

Vote YES and lets get these facilities started!!

Andy :cherry_blossom:


I agree it’s an awesome idea but I think the budget needs to be looked at more critically. I think what they’ve outlined here isn’t very grounded in reality- it costs $150,000 to move the Flat to a bigger room? Over 1/4 of the budget is “consolidation and improvement of spaces”, which seems pretty hand-wavy. It costs $372,000 for just over 100 lockers and 10 showers?

Not to be overly critical- it’s certainly something that could be used- but I wonder if this isn’t being used as a way for SSMU to get funding through that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to use, by justifying it as a “bike centre”.

I think it’s a good initiative. My only concern is whether or not this will be effective as I can quickly seeing this as becoming a competitive space for bike storage - 350 isn’t much for a university with >30000 people. The only reason why I would see myself using this is for any more expensive bikes, not for commuter bikes. As that’s quite a niche topic, I don’t think others would share the same opinion - so it’ll be filled with commuter bikes. Overall I don’t see this changing MUCH in terms of bike storage as I can always park a commuter outside and not really be worried about it. As for the gender-neutral showers, why? There are plenty of showers for both genders in the Fitness Centre which isn’t too far away. Sure it’s not gender neutral… does it really matter? Maybe, maybe not. Lockers could be interesting, that being said, but I wouldn’t be using that. I think I’d be a lot more interested if a lot more space were allocated to bike storage. I could be wrong and I hope I am, as it’d be nice to commute with a better bike and feel like it’s safely locked up.

I would be so much happier with a locker and bike storage.

I back that, more space for bikes rather than lockers, yet lockers could be good (place for your shoes, helmet and accessories so you don’t carry it around in your bag all day…)