Want comfortable road bike!!

Trying to find the best comfort road bike? I’m not looking for a race bike, but instead a bike I can ride for long distances with friends etc. My height is about 5’6". I searched on google and found something like comfort road bikes. Can you suggest to me the best comfortable road bike?

A comparison of the road vs gravel bikes indicated that gravel has a more upright posture. I think a lot of people that bought road bikes don’t like leaning that far forward but they do not want to put a higher stem on their road bikes, thus they can buy a gravel bike and get the posture that they want without people commenting that they are not as aero.
I on the other hand bought a 35-degree stem for my road bike very soon after I bought the bike. You can read the detailed instructions of road bikes here, It has the same posture as my touring bikes and rando bike.

There will be many brands and designs for you to choose from. So I will suggest to you some characteristics you need to pay attention to to choose the most comfortable road bike. Your choice of frame material is aluminum or carbon fiber. Most aluminum frames are very good at providing a smooth ride, and they are generally less expensive than carbon fiber. Carbon fiber bike frames are generally more comfortable and absorb vibrations than aluminum frames. I think you should choose disc brakes and if you want to ride a light bike then choose the one with less gear system