Wednesday Morning F1 Beginner-Intermediate -- Roddick Gates 7:05/7:10AM

So I missed the beginner ride today and was planning on going to the f1 track on Wednesday assuming weather is good. I will be going approximately ~30km/h.

Meeting at roddick gates at 7:05am.

i’m interested. but earlier would be better…

Ok Ok new plan. meet at the roddick gates at 7:05, leave roddick gates at 7:10 so we can get to the track by 7:30. I’m trying not to wake up toooo early.

I might be there too but I have class at 8:35, so I’ll only do a few laps.

Sounds good - I’ll meet you guys at the track.

Im there

I’m there as well

Could be there to.

I’ll be at the track by 7:27am.

im down… meet you at the gates!

Setup a signup thingy!

There you go.

I’ll be leaving for 8:30 classes to.

Might be there