Wednesday Morning Hills

In preparation for the hilly 120KM Charlevoix road race or if you’re life is lacking some pain…

You can join me at the base of houde at 9AM (Time open to negotiations).

I would like to do at the very MINIMUM 1000M of climbing.

Wednesday will be one of the nicest days all week so let us enjoy it!

we’re meeting at jacques cartier bridge at that time st bruno/st hilaire/rougemont/st bruno is about 135km. climbing maybe 600m tot. you can join us if you want.

Looks like I might have to join you if I can’t get any interest!

Sorry man, gotta work.

hey i’d like to come for the hills if you dont mind waiting for me a little bit…but im mentally prepared to work hard! but i cant do 135km! let me know!

I’ll see you two at the base of the houde.