Wednesday Night Virtual Workouts with Scott McFarlane

Hi all,

Great news - club activities will be resuming (virtually) next week!

We are very fortunate this year to have world-class coach and long-time supporter of McGill Cycling, Scott McFarlane, running a virtual, coached workout for us on Wednesday nights from 7:30-8:30 EST. Scott will stream himself on zoom and guide you through the week’s workout. If you are on Zwift, you can also join the weekly meetup and ride alongside others doing the workout. The first workout will be Wednesday, October 28th.

All you need to complete the workout is a bike, an at home trainer and a computer to log-on to Zoom and Zeift. The workout is 10 dollars per class and McGill Cycling Alumni are more than welcome to join.

If you are interested, please sign-up in the poll below, so I can add you to the weekly email list. This is where the link to the stream and information on how to join the Zwift meetup will be posted so it’s important that even if you are remotely interested to sign up!

Scott is also hosting 1-on-1 or 2-on-1 in person Toguri Training Classes in his new studio on his brand new Wahoo bikes, starting two weeks from now. If you are interested in this, please feel free to reach out to me, and I can put you in contact with Scott.

Hope to see lots of you out there this Wednesday!


  • I am interested and want to be on the email list
  • I fly solo

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Wooo Scott! Everybody should go.


Even you, Dom! No more “but I’m in California” excuses.


Yeet, I’m in


Hi Everyone!

A PSA that these workouts are still running and it’s not too late to sign up! For the new year, Scott is gonna have everyone sign up for 10 classes ($100) in advanced. Sign up below (and forward me your email address if I don’t already have it from before) to join in! HINT HINT WINK WINK these classes are great training for E-racing :wink:

  • Sign me up!!!

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Got 2 B zwiftin