Weekend Mtn. Bike Trip(s)?


I’m planning on going to St. Raymond next weekend to do some mountain biking! Would love someone to ride with, so let me know if you want to come (even if your just mildly interested - maybe I can convince you). I’m happy to ride anything, so if St.Raymond too far I would be happy to go somewhere closer too like Mt. Tremblant :slight_smile: . Even if you want to join for the drive and do a weekend of road riding (while I mtn bike) with a change of scenery that would be fun too. My plan is pretty loose, but the goal is to find some trees and dirt trails to ride - anyone is welcome.

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Hey @ewilson! Of course, what a great idea!
I’m not sure that this weekend works for me, but I’d definitely be down for a trip before school starts. I’m sure we could also convince a few others, like @Nickkleb to join us.


Heck yeah!! I can’t this weekend either but this sounds so fun!

Okay yay :slight_smile:

It’s a great idea.
If you go again somewhere where I can rent a bike, like in St-Raymond, I’ll join.
I’ve been debating buying a mountain bike, but I think I’d rather rent one to try it out first.

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Ah yay! I actually have two right now so you can just borrow one - they’re both medium frame. Ones full suspension, ones not, but they’re both awesome :slight_smile: we just need to find a weekend then works and then I’m game!

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