Weekly Shred

Hello Trail Lovers!

Join @Nickkleb, I, and company, for a weekly shred on Mont-Royal, starting next Tuesday at 7AM.

New to the trails? Fearful of jackknifing ? Worried if you can send a jump? Unsure of whether you can handle a descent? Fear not! The wizard that is Nick Kleban will impart his wisdom on all us MTB noobs.

See you at the statue on Parc !


That sounds like fun! I hope I can join you soon. However, I’m new to mountain bikes so I have a few questions:

  1. How rough is the terrain? Should I get a clutch front derailleur?
  2. How much rebound should my tires have?
  3. My cycling shorts say ‘road bibs’. Are they save to use off-road?



Clutch is nice but not necessary if you have a good derailleur to begin with. Don’t worry about rebound, your suspension will make a bigger difference IMO. Those bibs are definitely not safe to use - put shorts over them.

Any chance this could be an evening ride instead? Mornings can be a bit sketchy with work.

Second evening rides. Also are these still happening?

If the demand is there, let’s do it. Sorry, this morning was swapped out for a road ride. How does 6PM weekly work for you guys?

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Is this still happening? Really down to ride with other people!

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Yes! Due to popular demand, this will take place on Thursday (11th July) this week if people can make it for 6PM? We can meet at the George-Etienne statue and do some trails on Mont-Royal.

Who’s in?

  • Ready to shred (yes)
  • Ready to be sent (no)

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@FelixF @Nickkleb @ewilson @tesseract97 . The weather looks terrible tomorrow evening. 100% chance of thunderstorms at 6PM.

Would it be a stretch to make the ride in the morning, say at 7AM or even earlier?

Getting up early is worth it for biking! 7am sounds good to me :slight_smile:

Or earlier I guess if that’s works better for others…