Weekly Summer Group Rides

Hello everyone,

As of June 11th, we will legally be able to have outdoor gatherings of up to 25 people which means we can resume club rides!!

We will begin by hosting one official weekly ride on Monday nights at 6pm. We will meet at the base of Camilien Houde (shown below for those who may be unfamiliar) and ride about 3 laps of the “World Tour Loop” around the mountain. Each loop is approximately 9km and has ~200m of elevation gain. The ride will last 1-1.5 hrs. The first ride will be on Monday, June 14th and we hope to keep them running all summer long until our regular fall rides begin in September :))

The ride is an all inclusive, no-drop ride. Faster riders are welcome to push themselves on the climbs but we will regroup at the top of each hill. If we run into the scenario of a group larger than 25, we will split the ride into two groups.

What to bring to the ride:
-helmet (mandatory)
-a working bicycle
-snack (optional)
-spare tube (preferable but the club leaders will also have tools/ spares on hand)

The loop:

Where to meet:

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions about the ride. I look forward to seeing all of you there :slight_smile:


Can’t wait to see everyone at the first official club activity in forever!!!


This sounds good, I’d love to go but I don’t have a bike yet since I just moved here. Do you have any recommendations of where I could rent one?

Hi Zalan,

Are you looking for a short-term or long-term rental?

Hi Nick,

I was thinking short-term, I’ll buy myself a bike on the long-term probably, I just don’t want to rush it.

Hi Zalan,

Maybe check out Ca Roule: https://caroulemontreal.com/en/bike-rentals/road-bike

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I visited Montreal a couple years back for a conference and used caroule
for a road bike rental. They were friendly, efficient, reasonable priced
road bike rental for a week…
Nice Argon bike to use for morning rides while I was in town. They did a
quick/basic sizing and had a selection of pedal types to match your clip
type of your shoes.

Would recommend, Wayde.


Do you ride in winter too ? Will it be so cold? :rofl: —A newcomer’s question

Are alumni welcome for the group rides? I’m back in Montreal for the summer (my partner is still a McGill student). Looking for some people to ride with!


Hi folks,

Made an account just to reply that I’ll be there for this ride on Monday evening. As an incoming grad student, I’m looking forward to meeting fellow McGill cyclists!




Yep! Normally we have indoor group spins at the McGill athletics centre- hopefully restrictions will be in a place where we can hold them again this year

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Of course, everyone’s welcome

Oh cool XD!

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Hi! I had two questions: (a) Is this the main place where we can get updates on such events, or is there a Facebook group for this as well? (b) I don’t have the right gear to bike in the rain; will you be doing the same ride + same time next Monday the 21st? Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi Nadia!

Thanks for reaching out. The forum is the main place to get updates on events and not to worry, we will be doing the same ride at the same time next Monday too if you can’t make it tonight :slight_smile:

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Hey guys!

I just wanted to come by and say had a lot of fun today, it was great to get to know you all. And thank you for patiently waiting while my heavy bike and I caught up. I will definitely get myself a better bike soon to be able to keep up with you guys. Hope you guys didn’t get too soaked :grin:


Great, thanks for coming out! If you ever want help looking for a bike, just reach out and I’d be happy to help :slight_smile:


I was wondering if incoming Mcgill students are permitted to join ( I am attending in the fall)?

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Hi Zacharry,

Of course! Hope to see you out there next Monday