Welcome POTLUCK!!!

(Mary Hnatyshyn) #1

*** If you have not received/seen the message with the address for the potluck, please send me a message either on the forum, or over facebook, so that I can give it to you***

Hi everyone!

To welcome all new members to the team, and to kick off a fresh year of McGill Cycling, we will be hosting a welcome potluck this Saturday (September 7). This also happens to be the day of our Meet and Greet ride, so is the perfect opportunity to refuel with (hopefully) a wide spread of dishes, learn more about the club and our fall rides, and of course, socialize!!

Please bring what you are capable of, and comment your dish below if you want to prevent a smack-down between your dish and another duplicate.

We’ll gather at 6:30pm, and I will message you the address if you indicate you are coming.

Hope to see everyone there!!!

  • Coming! :hamburger::fried_shrimp::cookie::beers:
  • Next time.

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(Max Shapiro) #2

Will bring homemade guac, baked sweet potatoes, and sauteed onions. Looking forward to it!

(Max Shapiro) #3

(Nicolas Kleban) #4

I will be making an entire roasted chicken, prepared with love in the residence’s toaster oven.

(Julius Stroock) #5

Will be bringing 1-2 dozen Fairmont Bagels and cream cheese!

(Adithya Lakshminarayanan) #6

i’ll make some baba ganoush for those wishing to spread it on their bagels. I’ll also make a couscous salad.

(Adithya Lakshminarayanan) #7

That’s if you can find the toaster oven tomorrow.

(Zachary E Stone) #8

Yall were too fast today. Bringing beer and cookies to fatten you roadies up.

(Craig Knobovitch) #9

Turns out I had family plans, going to probably swing by for a little bit round 7:30.

(Mónica Soria Baledón) #10

Guys! I am just catching up with the forum and so I will also miss the potluck :sleepy::sleepy::sleepy:! Looking forward, however, to the upcoming weekly/weekend rides!

(Simon Geoffroy-Gagnon) #11

Awesome, I just joined and ill be there! (i’ll be bringing potato salad)

(Craig Knobovitch) #12

Not able to make it :pensive:

(Max Shapiro) #13