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In an effort to grow our membership to collect new great racers and membership income Emily has made some totally awesome posters.

I need volunteers to take some and go to all parts of McGill and post them in high traffic areas. Remember that this is during exams so people will be at studious locations.

Almost every place we would want to put them (Libraries, Departments that host exams) will require we get permission, which is where YOU come in.

You WILL take posters from me and go to a location get permission, get it signed and put it up.

Suggestions include:

Any Library (outside the doors where people stand to eat and read them)
Arts Building

Come pick them up in my lab Otto Maass 221 Anytime this weekend.

Thanks everybody. Post where you will be putting them up so multiple people don’t come at the same time. We’ll be saving about 3/4 of them for the end of summer/fall, 15 to put up.



Great Idea

Make sure you get all of the appropriate approval stamps (ie- aus stamps for all 8 bulletins in the Arts Building) before putting them up.