Whenever I see a hipster riding a fixie

Where shall we race? You say the time and I’ll be there with my track bike (the gearing is 48X16). Don’t worry, I only log ~40000-5000km a year on it.

I wasn’t picking on actual track racers, those guys are awesome. I was picking on hipsters with their fixies. I’d love to race but I’d need a track bike and a drome, either way I’ve never ridden one nor raced.

I should have been more specific, I ride a track bike as a commuter. My point was more along the lines of: respect is a two-way street.

Oh. I understand now. I apologize for any offense I may have directed anyone’s way. I was just saying that seeing a hipster on a fixie is funny to me. That is all.

So that’s why there’s not much respect in this city LOL

On a related note, give Tommy a break, Drew. Don’t take jokes so seriously

How about a race up and down the Houde Drew? Just kidding around though, I spent many years riding a fixie, skid stops and all, and I think they’re a ton of fun. I’m not sure it’s a good idea to mock anybody for the kind of bike they ride; afterall, most of us dress up in Lycra and stare at each other’s asses for hours on end…

Welcome back to MTL by the way - you should come out to KOM some time.

I accept all forms of 2 wheeled fun. Peace and Love.

Final comments and then I’m done: I think Fixies are AWESOME, I think they’re awesome bikes to have, I would enjoy riding one, they’re probably mega fun to ride, I think hipsters look funny on them with their scarves and rolled up skinny jeans and loafers (sometimes sandals) and stuff. I’m not making fun of the hipsters because they ride fixies, I’m making fun of them because they look funny on fixies.

Also Eric, you’ve got a point about the lycra.
And Dennis, yes. Peace and Love to all.

Now I’m done making jokes about fixies and hipsters.

p.s. anybody want to sell me a cheap fixie (or is it fixy?)?

Lesson: Don’t troll a forum where you know members IRL.

I’ve found that out, and I’ve learned my lesson.


Phil Marceau from CT is a fixie rider. First race this year: Finishes Lachine.
Second race: Comes 3rd at Provincials in senior 3. Haha.


I find it somewhat curious that people are either ‘fixie riders’ or not. I happen to own & ride a fixie sometimes, I also use a bixie sometimes, I also ride normal bikes sometimes.

See: http://i.imgur.com/5htxb.jpg for details.

That is lovely

i am going to have to send that to my mom. She is always asking me “whats a hipster??” now I have found the perfect explanation.

If you ride a fixie, you’re a fixie rider.
If you ride a tricyle, you’re a tricyle rider.
If you ride road bikes, you’re super cool and badass and everyone loves you forever.

I used to commute ever day on a fixie with a front brake until I got old, my knee got worse, and I stopped seeing the point. The feel at the crank is different and interesting but meh.

I will rag on people who ride completely brakeless though: it is an irrefutable vehicle dynamics fact that a rear wheel skid stop is dramatically worse in terms of deceleration and braking distance than a vehicle with front brakes. The rear brake is less relevant. That doesn’t even account for issues of modulation and similar.

You take on additional risk when you ride brakeless, point finale.

Agreed, but I’ve had that conversation before… The dogma of brakeless fixies is strong.

very strong

like The Force strong