Where do you buy your tubes?

I’ll take advantage of the fact that I need to replete my stock to ask the question, because I really have no idea.
I already tried going to CGR. Obviously not a good idea.
I also bought 2 at Sport Experts but they seem to be of a rather low quality.
Any advice ? I don’t know a single bike shop in Montreal…

i mean, nothing is wrong with the tubes from CGR. They usually have kenda.

They’re very expensive…

CGR is cheaper than Probikekit.com on this front.


You can get tubes for like $3 at MEC but I wouldn’t reccomend them with regards to reliability. I went through them more than twice as fast as the $5.75 Contis.

at work (lacordee) we have 4$ bontragers, and i think i’ve had 1 flat all summer all bikes included, so i guess that’s good bangs for bucks!

i second jonathan…that store is awesome…bought winter boots there two weeks ago