Who has the bike racks?

Hi Everyone,
I’m trying to track down our bike racks for South Carolina.

If you have one could you please let me know?



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I have one

I might, I’ll check tonight

I have one that fits on the back of a bar, 3 bikes max.

Back of a car? Or in a trailer hitch receiver?

back of a bar? I wouldnt leave my bike behind a bar


Lol, Freudian slip. Car, the back of a bar.

Depends which bar. St-Ambroise terrasse? Fer sher.

I have one! I need to give ot to you guys!

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you should just come to SC

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Okay, I need 4 racks for SC. So we will use @philytea, @Felix, @kpinks, @DDalgas racks I guess.

I have my own trailer hitch rack, @wamazurek.