Winter bike storage

Hi, I’m new in the city and I’d like to know if there’s any option/suggestion to store my bike in the backyard during winter (something like will work?)

Thanks a lot for your support

Hey Rafael,

I would think that the constant freeze/thaw and relative humidity changes that come with Autumn and Spring couldn’t be great for a race bike. I just hang mine in a corner in my room on a vertical hook like this:

It looks pretty cool, and you have easy access to your bike for your indoor training!

Something like this looks even cooler if you can make it yourself out of wood!

Thanks for you comments guys

My main problem now is that I have to store 5 bikes (my wife and kids): I can make room for 2 or 3 of them indoor… I think my road bike and the 2 hybrids in better conditions, but I’m looking for an outdoor option for the other 2…

Any suggestion is welcomed!

Just put your most important/expensive bikes indoors and commuters outdoors I guess. Make sure to service all of your bearings with grease before the winter cold and snow arrives, and seal them up as much as possible… Maybe garbage bags around them and THEN put them in the storage box? You want as little freezing/defreezing of water in it as possible. The cold itself shouldn’t really affect the metal and plastic parts as long as it remains free of any contaminants such as grit and stuff. I doubt it’d really rust either if there’s no water as it’ll be very cold… Good luck!