Winter fatbike race across the Lac-Saint-Jean!

Hello everyone!

As the title reads, there is a 32km fatbike race across the lake Saint-Jean that will take place on the 14, 15 and 16 of February. This would be the 5th year that Véloroute des Bleuets organizes this event that will test your physical and mental endurance!

The registration opened up today and there are only 100 places per day (tot. 300 participants) if you want to ride it and 100 places for racing, which will only happen on Saturday the 16th.

For either category and date you pick, the registration costs 185 CAD plus tax (circa 212 CAD) and it includes: breakfast, dinner, participant celebration supper, check point service, mechanical and medical assistance, shuttle service (reservation required), baggage transportation, massage therapy, souvenir gift and medal.

Below is the link to the website so you can check it out!

As for the bikes and gear to participate, I personally don’t own a fatbike but I will rent it at a bike shop of all my trust (Cycles Régis - 1150 Ave. Van Horne, Outremont).

It will be fun to do a few climbs to Mont-Royal on fatbikes during the winter to prepare for this event ;).

Have a great Wednesday!



Ah this looks so fun! I want to do it:) I have a plus bike (3 inch tires) so if those aren’t too skinny (I’ll check with the race co-ordinators) then I’ll make sure to bring it to Montreal after winter break. I wonder how long it would take to fatbike 32km? Judging from all the support offered it might not be as quick as I am naively expecting :slight_smile: Sounds like fun!

Yes! You can find the bike specs required to race on the website. As for the time, it takes 1:50 on average to complete the course according to last year’s results.

Fatbikes are life


Adventurers race
Saturday, February 16th at 9:30

I found many bike shops renting fatbikes, but I’ll go to the one closest to my house, on the Lachine canal, just across the bridge in front of the Atwater market. It’s also possible to train on the Lachine canal bike path on fatbikes during the winter.

Awesome you’re doing it!!!