XC skiing Thursday 5:15pm

Anyone up for crosscountry skiing Thursday evening? It is supposed to snow a lot on Wednesday, so I assume the conditions should be great for skiing on Thursday. I am planning on leaving from the statue at Park avenue at 5pm. So, who’s in?

is the mountain groomed? (ie can you skate ski?) or is it only tracks for classic?

It will be groomed (hasn’t been since the rain) after wednesday’s snowfall i’m pretty sure.
However it is groomed for classic only on most trails if not all.
Andreas: I’m interested. However, i theoretically have class till 5, but since it’s a lab and a doubt we’ll be staying three hours on the second day, i’ll tell you what time tomorrow.

same here, i can make it around 5:15

wow, 20 cm!!

5:15 is fine with me. Let’s meet at 5:15pm then.

I’d come, but I’m really bad still and don’t want to hold you guys up.

if you never come, you’ll never improve

anybody know where to get some equipment??? on the cheap? i havnt cruzed thataway since i was like 7.

cyrus, you can rent stuff from the gym, for pretty ok prices. that’s prob what i’ll do.

its $10 a day, $12 dollars for over night, $15 for 2 days, $20 for three days, and $25 for 4 days and $30 for a week. i think. i was just there, but i may be wrong about the exact pricing. anyways, you can try that, or try to find some cheap used ones.

brought my skis to the office today so I’ve got no excuse, I’m in but NO LAUGHING! :stuck_out_tongue:


I brought my snowshoes (easier to carry than my skis!) and will be having fun in the snow this afternoon (4PMish)…I might see you guys skiing around.

If anyone has snowshoes, post here and we can meet on the mountain!

YAHOO for the snow!