Y-Cycle 2019 - Sunday, Sept 15th

(Pete Watson) #1

The summer weather is finally here! I hope everyone has managed to get their bikes out and off the trainer.

It might seem like a long time away, but September is right around the corner. Don’t be depressed though, because that means it’s almost time for the Y-Cycle!

If you don’t know about it, the Y Cycle is a 36k, 60k, or 100k ride near Mirabel that helps to raise money for the special needs programming at the YM-YWHA (i.e. where we do Toguri Training). It’s always nice to get a good showing of McGill cyclists at this event, and they really appreciate having us there! It’s a very well organised ride with escorts (the SFW kind), pre-planned rest stops with loads of food and drink, and a mechanic and massage therapist on hand. After the ride you can shower and change (courtesy the Hillsdale Golf and Country Club), and enjoy a huge BBQ, with the chance to win prizes and awards! This will be my fifth year riding (and third year on the organising committee), and I highly recommend it to everyone!

To register, click the link below. There is a special sign-up for McGill cyclists (we get a heavily subsidised fundraising minimum!):

There are still a couple of months before the ride, so you have lots of time to train and fundraise. If you’ve never done 100k before, this could be your summer goal ride! And regardless of what distance you decide to do, it feels good to ride for a cause :slight_smile: My family makes use of the special needs services at the YM-YWHA, and they are exceptional, thanks to fundraising efforts like this!

Please consider signing up! If you would like to participate are unable, you can still support the ride by donating to a rider! Like me! :wink:
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Let’s get a good crew out and do some good!

(Pete Watson) #2

It’s not too late to sign up for the Y-Cycle ride happening this sunday!


The weather is looking good, and there’s even enough time to do the ride and still watch the GP Montreal :slight_smile:

Can’t make it but want to support a good cause? I’m still a couple of bucks short of my fundraising goal, so why not help old Pete out and make a donation: https://frd.akaraisin.com/Common/Participant/Sponsor.aspx?seid=18622&mid=22&pid=1868703