Zwift McGill Team

Hi all

I was inquiring this morning on the KOM who would be interested in riding Zwift races.

4 times are available and seem to be a good fit as eventual indoor continuations of KOM and TPR

Tuesday-Thursday 6am EST

Tuesday-Thursday 6pm EST

Zwift is pretty cheap and you can run any regular trainer with ‘‘calculated wattage’’ plus these races have A-B-C-D categories much like the ECCC.

I was thinking we can see who of McGill can regularly attend then start a mini team with a Zwift jersey design :slight_smile:
Fun to stay motivated during the winter



How does it work with the times? Do we have to stick with the chosen ones all winter? The evening ones look good, except that in January there’s a good chance they’ll conflict with our Toguri computraining.

Great idea!

Yeah I suggest we do the morning ones personally, there is not much stopping you from getting straight on the trainer from your bed :slight_smile:

I’d be down! Maybe if other people are getting ANT+ dongles for this we could get them together and save on shipping or something.

fair :stuck_out_tongue:

If some people are concerned about trainer noise, I am sure many people on this forum can suggest silent trainers and mats that kill noise

currently my powermeter is telling me that tempo is around 3,000 watts, so either I’ll get it adjusted by wintertime, or I’m going to be the star of the team.


lol power from a speed sensor. just type in that you weight 20kg less and you’ll be riding around the laps like all the Asians at 9-10W/kg.

@Dominique you should defs do zwift at least once with the PM in that state.

Assuming the sound of your trainer isn’t waking anyone up at 6 am.

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Star of the team? Hell, I’ll hire you to power my apartment.



Highly recommend getting ANT+ dongles from AliExpress. I picked mine up for $10 and it works fine with the couple of devices I’ve tested.

This is the unit I got:,searchweb201602_1_116_10065_117_10068_114_115_10069_113_10084_10083_10017_10080_10082_10081_10060_10061_10062_10056_10055_10054_10059_10078_10079_10073_10070_421_420_10052_10053_10050_10051,searchweb201603_6&btsid=1547490f-33f7-4a7a-aa42-e1f18445ee1f

So preliminary testing of zwift event racing is actually quite positive. It is much more plug and play than I first believed it was.

For sure, if you wake up at 6am to race, it has to be ready to go. First few conclusions:
1.register for event
2.get prompted by zwift to race
3.once you click-through your warm-up file will be saved in strava
4.a new file opens just for the race
5 once you finish the race, name your strava file that it generates the name of the race and class (A-B-C-D) ex. ZTR (A)
6.track results on
7.complete your cool-down with yet a third file

Cheers and hope this helps

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thanks Will!

Anybody using Zwift over the winter!?


@DDalgas I’m thinking about it…maybe. Also, you should buy some MCT swag ASAP! You can’t rock your white shoes without shiny, fresh kit

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I threw down for a trainer and am onboard. It’s surprisingly addictive, and wayyyy too convenient. :+1:

In theory, between Zwift and Amazon Prime, I could never leave my apartment till spring.


Anyone game to target some Zwift races in the new year? I’m thinking 1/week, likely on Saturday’s.

  • up Up UP :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
  • Adaptation occurs during recovery, ya dingus!

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For those seeking clarity on the dingus reference… :thinking:

Tour de Zwift!

Missed out on it! Been getting passed by some serious peletons tho haha!

@FelixF @johnnyvenom @cameron_mitchell I see you guys have been active on Zwift! Game to target any races???