Zwift - what is this?

(Vincent Lavallee McGill Cycling Alumni) #1

Can someone explain to me Zwift?

I’m an old man and don’t understand these new offerings.

Is it a trainer? Is it an app? Do you need special tools?

I have a powertap, how do I link up the ANT+ to my computer? I have a macbook and ASUS something or other.

So many questions…

(Cedric) #2

Zwift is an online platform that can be used on tablets/computers that lets you ride an indoor trainer with other people around the world. You see your character match your own efforts on the trainer as well as everyone else you’re connected with. You can choose to have different environmental settings incorporated as well, such as wind (increases your trainer resistance) etc. Sometimes races are also held on this

(Vincent Lavallee McGill Cycling Alumni) #3

So do we need a special Zwift trainer?

(Cedric) #4

I don’t know the specifics, but I don’t think so… The only requirement to my knowledge is a trainer that can connect to a computer or mobile device. Whether it is through wifi/bluetooth or a hardwire connection… I don’t know

(Felix Oestereich) #5

Swift does not sell trainers. The best trainer for swift would be a smart trainer that can automatically change resistance. That way Swift can simulate climbs, drafting etc. However, you dont need to buy a more expensive smart trainer. there is a list of compatible trainers on the swift website. You will need some other sensors like speed & cadence or power though. There should be good explanations on how to set up swift on their website

(Pete Watson) #6

Vince, you’re younger than me, no excuses for falling behind the times.
I zwift with a speed sensor that connects to my computer with an ANT+ USB dongle, using a “dumb” trainer. If your powertap can connect with ANT+, you’re good to go!

(Vincent Lavallee McGill Cycling Alumni) #7

Yeah but Pete, you’re an academic. In life and spirit! I can’t hope to keep up with your mental fortitude and research skills.

I’ll try to dongle. Thanks!

(Vincent Nadon) #8

Your power meter with an ant+ dongle should do the job, I see lots of Fluid2 hometrainers go for cheap these days. They are really quiet and will make you suffer.

Follow us with our Zwift accounts so we can do group rides this winter :wink:

(Fréchette Carl) #9

@Vlavallee I have a powertap for Zwift with a CycleOps Fluid2. It works great, very much. Played about 100 hours last winter. If you have specific questions, ask away.

There are dozens of races every week, and that is the actual great part about it. When I started doing races on Zwift it was like finally discovering the multiplayer mode on a first-person shooter. Time flies by pretty fast. I don’t play any other game in winter, it’s my new MMORPG. :wink:

(Vincent Lavallee McGill Cycling Alumni) #10

Re-opening this thread. Is there a ANT+ dongle you recommend for powertap? Or do you do it through a garmin? I have an Edge 500.

Thanks! Finally getting my basement renovated so have a space to spin!

(Jordan Miller42) #11

@Vlavallee I can sell you a dongle- I think it’s a Garmin one. If your trainer/power meter has bluetooth I’d honestly recommend using it instead though. The connection is more stable, just due to the tech with bluetooth vs ANT+