All time forum post leaderboard

No that I’m out of school and out of Montreal, and realize that my forum activity will probably be on the decline.

With that comes my biggest regret. After my four year career at MCT, I came about 200 forum posts shy of taking the all time lead away from ben adler.

ben_adler: 1857
Dennis: 1658

Can anyone tell me who third place is?

My guess is Jon. He probably has a really easy way to check the top 10 too.

I think he’s locked himself at 1337 (elite status)

JonVk Posts: 1337

True story: Christina’s forum account is older than JonVK.

At the loss of my 1337 status,

ben_adler 1857
Dennis 1658
Jonathan 1338
DavidF 1225
Jason_L 1128
adam_bouchard 1124
Eric 939
MikeB 909
nammerlaan 896
Jocelyn 874

Now, don’t you wish you could do this too? This website is looking for a new parent :slight_smile:

you know what they say about a guy with a big forum post count…

you know what they say about a guy with big feet right? … Big shoes.

Lucky Christina, for some reason when I graduated my account was deleted and I needed to make a new one.

Jon, you have my old account beat by 2 weeks, Christina however has me beat by nearly 6 month.

Those numbers feel like Velogames

Vince, your old account still exists. It has a hotmail email so you probably can’t change the password if you don’t remember it, but that can be fixed.

My account is older than Christina’s. And I had one before that, I think, although this darn Alzheimer’s makes it hard to remember.

If this is the same forum with the same users that marc rousset originally created in 2005, then his is the oldest account, and mine is the second oldest. But I don’t think there is anyone around who remembers the forum BEFORE that one… is there?

7 years of McGill Cycling, and I didn’t even crack the top ten. I need to rethink my priorities in life.

i’m 4th in everything i do

According to what’s there, Ben, you have the oldest account of all. Marc is 8th. I think that that’s because he was using the admin account before that. And yah, this is all from the phpBB forum Marc had setup. I don’t remember anything older.

The web archive has a bit from 2004:

This is the oldest post I can find:

Haha this is so fun! Yeah that web archive is what i remember from the first website. It’s interesting to poke around in there.

is there a way to find out who has killed the most threads? i.e. who has had the last post on the most discussions?

There are secret ways… But I will only initiate the next webmaster =P

we need a leaderboard update as there will be some considerable movement.

Pete is now in the 900’s and Mike is in the 1100’s