CUCC Criterium

McGill Cycling and UdeM are putting on a criterium May 12th.



Tell the teams you are racing with this summer. Every team should come.


Hannah - Anybody who has never raced before should race Novice. There is going to be 2 parts to the race:

  1. A neutral go kinda fast in a big group no attacking for 2 or 3 laps to get everybody ready to race.
  2. Then we line everybody up and let you race for real. This is the best opportunity to learn how to ride in a pack, corner and race.

BenBlake - That is an FQSC question. I am 99% sure that you can. I’ll vouch for you if they try to give you a hard time.

EVERYBODY - Cycle Neron is going to help us transport people and bikes the morning of by doing a downtown pickup with their Trailer and/or pickup. Keep checking this thread for transportation details.

Is racing AND volunteering out of the question?

wait if im in Cegep am I allowed to try it out ?

Racing and Volunteering is the absolute pinnacle of awesome.

BUT since you can’t sign up for both on our forum and we are taking a head count for vehicles you must sign up in “racing” if you are racing.

We are listing High School and CEGEP students as being “University” as well. Anyone with a student ID card. We are not an official junior race as “University” but I believe we will still be checking gear restrictions for people who are normally registered as juniors.

then who would I be racing for ?

You can race independent

Independent is an option, that means no large prominent sponsors on the Kit.

OR: you can race for McGill if you have a jersey and paid membership. (If you are new to the team we have a Race Team fee which goes towards subsidization of our racers) This membership will roll over through the fall and last until September 2013.

OR:If you are already on another team we will be letting people race in the University category as their team. I think it is very important that the Local teams recruit and help promote racing to students and letting their teams form a University Squad and compete is important to getting their support as well. So if you are racing for another team show off their kit and sponsors.

We will not do anything to limit the participation. We will have succeeded when we need to form multiple University categories because it is so popular.

So I’m just a part of the ‘club’ but I’d like to do this race - I don’t have Mcgill kit or anything either - does this mean I race as an independent?

Hannah- for now Independent. I need to do some math.

Hannah, since you are the first to ask. I have the Women’s XL team jersey that is used by people who have ruined theirs and need to race. You can use it to race for McGill in the Uni Women’s Category.

First Come first serve for the other categories.

Q: I’m not racing for McGill do I pay for gas?
A:Not for this race, We need every single University racer in every kit there.

Q: Can I race in two categories?
A: Yes. The details of a raffle are being drawn up, but you will want to have your name in twice, and show off your team.

Q: Does MCT Pay for registration?
A: Yes for everybody wearing a McGill Kit - If you are doing two races in McGill kit, both are paid for, if you are doing the Uni in McGill and the Other race in your other team kit then only the Uni is paid for.

Q: I do not have a license. What do I do?
A: For this race only MCT will pay for the one day license so that new racers can try it out and racers who are picking which races to participate in have zero reason not to come.

Q: How can I help?
A: We are going to be buying Fruit, Water and Gatorade for racers, but we won’t have any breads. Anybody who wants to bake and donate cakes, cookies, bread, pie etc. will be given a really big High Five by me :slight_smile:

Sign up above.


first race this will be great!!

Wait a minute, so the team will pay for my registration AND my day license? How can I say no!

Racing for Both

Can alumni race in the university kit. I have an old old Old Mcgill kit.

Josef - Perfect
Stephen - Yes, but you or any other alumni must have graduated after September 1st 2011. University also includes Graduate Students, but not PostDocs.

We are not a CIS sport so there are no “years of eligibilty” You can be an Undergraduate and go through 11 years of grad school and race every single one of them.

How many credits do you need to have taken to race uni?

If you haven’t graduated and are taking a class/classes you can compete.

Confirmation of the Raffle:

The CUCC Wheel sponsor WMD who is providing Neutral support is going to be raffling off a pair of Carbon Clincher Race Wheels.

You’re bib number gets put into the drawing for registering, no extra money. Your chance of winning is ~1/(200 +/- how good the advertising is). Race in two races and get your name in twice.

Check out his website by looking at the sponsorship page.

what about if you have a McGill Kit, but you’re not taking classes this semester and technically only attend convocation on June 1st…