First ECCC Race !!!

Hello Everyone !!

As explained in an earlier post, we’re getting closer to the racing season and we are already very excited !!!

Our first race of the season is Philly Phlyer, which is held in Philadelphia, PA the 16th and 17th of March. We should leave Montreal on Friday 15th afternoon, so to arrive to Philadelphia during the night and rest well for the race the next day. And we would be coming back on Sunday 17th at night to Montreal.

If you want to get more information about what ECCC racing is like, go to this post: Spring 2019 ECCC Racing Feeler Post

We strongly recommend to members of all levels to come to races, since it is a great experience and there are all types of categories for every level.

As for the cost of the trip, we usually plan for it to be very affordable, but it normally depends on how many people come, so the more the better !!

Please sign up and vote on 100% if you’re sure to come. Sign up before Sunday the 3rd of March.

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  • 100% sure let’s do it !!!
  • Can I race with a side wheel ? (No)

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Hello !!
If you are still interested in coming to the race please sign up above since we have to start planning the trip already. The weather in Philadelphia for those days looks good, and it’s a very nice race to do !

I’ll actually be in Philly that weekend, I’ll see if I can come spectate!

or race?

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ECCC, the season starts in less than 2 weeks!!! For those that are going to
race in the spring road season, the waiver packet, team entry spreadsheet
for large teams, revised registration guidelines, and the host housing
forms are now available on the Calendar page of the website:…

For racers, I cannot emphasize enough that downloading this form, filling
it, signing each page, and bringing with you to number pickup on the
Saturday of Philly is going to be a HUGE help to us in getting everyone
processed before the TTT starts. Please do your part and complete this
ahead of time, please do not wait until race day. Please pass this info
along to your teammates who are not part of this listserv.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in Philly on the 16th.

Alan Atwood
ECCC Road Coordinator

This is a message from the ECCC organizers, it might be useful to have a look at it and fill it before the race for those going. If you’re planning on doing the TTT (The four of you who have signed up) this is the form to fill as well