First PLYO 2012 - November 14

I’ll be posting more information as the week progresses.

But for now just know that its happening from 8 - 10 PM every Wednesday night until racing season.

Athletics Aerobics room (across from the fitness center in the basement)

Oh I see now.

what kind of plyo ? and whos leading ? long circuit or series ? using any material or not? more jump than sprint, or opposite? (because my knees cant sprint, but can jump, using a box/step is even better.) what about upper body ? and how much is it again $? and is it really 2h long? what if i got class until 9 ? can i join only next semester ?

Thanks to the awesome person who will take the time to answer my tons of question ! :smiley:

I will answer as much as I can!

The plyo workouts involve jumping boxes in a variety of ways (similar to this video starting around 56sec, core + planks with and without the exercise balls, burpies, some running/footwork, etc. It is definitely more jumping than sprinting. And it’s a great way to get a high intensity, bodyweight workout in mid-week (and to counteract some of those muscle imbalances built up over the season)

Adam Bouchard has led in the past, along with Eric, Justin, Drew on other days.

Most people come to the first hour. If you’re really intense, you’ll stick around for the second half. Although I recommend working your way up to 2 hrs. For the first week, 1 hour is usually enough to hobble around campus and cry your way up staircases Thursday - Friday :slight_smile:

If you paid for the team ($100) or club ($someone help me out$) membership, this class is included! The class runs from now until the snow melts and you can drop in/start whenever you like!

(Of course that was more-less the format in years past. Someone correct me if I’m wrong!)

Is anyone meeting at the Roddick Gates to take us there?? /sarcasm

But seriously, how do we get into the gym? I thought it was “Varsity” sports/ members only?

there is confusing terminology here, let me explain

athletics building, sometimes just called the gym (main entrance at the top of aylmer, on pine): any student can get in with a valid student number. the ID mechanism they have at the gate is to prevent non-students from getting in. if you somehow manage to opt-out of the athletics fee then you probably don’t have access to this

fitness centre, sometimes also just called the gym (basement level (I think?)): only those who have paid the fitness centre fee can get in… this is a “gym” proper insofar that it has weights and treadmills in this room

aerobics room, never ever called gym unless you’re trying to confuse people (same floor as fitness centre): this is where plyo is done, along with other fitness classes that other clubs might want to host.

varsity weight room: only big boy varsity athletes can get in… or anyone who knows the keypad combo

@Jason: I know the code to the football door at the back of the building so I can always let you in that way.
OR the door from one of the stairwells…

Adam : do you still want to do the pedal swap?

Sorry Nic, I ended up buying some speedplays that I absolutely love.

For those on the fence about Plyo (new members or just those who have never tried it) it is awesome and a great workout in addition to being a fantastic social event.

We can easily accommodate 20+ people.

Bring water and I would personally suggest a towel since you end up like a slip&slide if you’re doing it right.

someone should bring velobeats


Question: is there any way to get into the gym without being a current McGill student?

Can I flash my expired id card and tell them I’m with McGill Cycling?

My experience was that my expired card worked for a year after, and that was 3 semesters after graduating. I just buzzed it in. Eventually last year it failed though :frowning: I don’t know if it always flashed red, but security never checked before that, or if they just don’t update they’re lists too often though.

Otherwise you can also pay, but alumni rates are not cheap.

have you considered the gym-bag method, Jon?

There’s circular entailment here. Get into the gym. Be flexible. Get into the bag. Get into the gym.

And anyways, if I’m going to train real hard, I’d rather aim for this:

Thats the Gym bag Movember method. 200 points.

Awesome. I am so out of shape, this is going to be extremely painful.

More importantly, Adam is coming out of his chemistry cave in Otto Maass