Plyometrics/Circuit Training

I’ll be performing/leading workouts in the varsity gym twice a week.

Wednesday: First exercise at 6:30pm finish before 8:00
Sunday: First exercise at 6pm finish before 7:30

The exercises will be mostly bodyweight movements and some freeweights to train the lower body to put out more power faster and for longer intervals. The core will be hit hard by a combination of full body exercises and instability sets.

Every session will have different exersices or variations to keep the body guessing. I’ll post here if I cannot make it, but otherwise, every Wednesday and Sunday.

No pressure, i.e. no registration, but you’ll be more awesome if you come.

This is an example of one of the workouts we did. We change it every time.

68 cm box jumps 10x3
30 cm box then 45 cm box then 68 cm box then 30 cm box 2 x 4
30 cm bar, jumping side to side over it, 20 x 3
30 cm bar, jumping straight over then turning around, 20 x 3
Lactic acid training via pyrimid weights starting at half body weight no rest, ~220x1
Shuttle run sprints (full length of hall way every rep length shortens by 2 paces)
5 minutes rest
weighted lunges hallway x 4
jumping lunges hallway x 2
high skipping hallway x 2
high knee running hallway x 2
“frog” jumps hallway x 2
“rabbit” hops hallway x 2
“crane” steps hallway x 2
Farmers walk 80m x 3
hanging crunches to failure x 3
lower/upper back with weights ~10 x 3
wall sit to collapsing.

Total time: 80 minutes

The goal of this work out was to use the strength we’ve built and apply it above lactic threshold for long periods of time. We will do a workout like this about once every 7 or 8 workouts, the rest of the workouts are more traditional plyometrics to train muscles for maximum impulse while this one gets us ready psychologically to catch the wheel of that attack in the last corner of the race when the only thing going through our mind consists of expletives.

But don’t be scared of the gym. It is the friend who never leaves you, and will wait patiently until the snow flies.

“The Iron never lies to you. You can walk outside and listen to all kinds of talk, get told that you’re a god or a total bastard. The Iron will always kick you the real deal. The Iron is the great reference point, the all-knowing perspective giver. Always there like a beacon in the pitch black. I have found the Iron to be my greatest friend. It never freaks out on me, never runs. Friends may come and go. But two hundred pounds is always two hundred pounds.”
~ Henry Rollins

Here you go Adam…

I have just cleaned up this thread by deleting all of the “I’ll be there/ I won’t be there comments” and the Cookie Dough diet discussion so that we can keep the information relevent for new individuals.

We had a our biggest group yet on Wednesday (6), and I honestly had not considered what it would mean to keep everybody active with a bigger group. Therefore, I will be planning our workouts more concretely in the future so that we don’t have as much down time between exercises. I am adding a series of registering buttons. If you intend to come to a certain workout more than 25% of the time please sign up so that I can plan ahead and be ready for bigger groups.

Now there is going to be a change to the schedule to accomodate these bigger groups so we can all keep up the awesomeness. I will lead two workouts on Wednesday and two on Sunday with varying workout difficulty. The scale is:

1 = watching tv
10 = take the elevator up from the basement of the gym after the workout

Day-----------Time-------- Workout intensity
Wednesday --1800------- 4-6


I’ll see you there because its getting cold outside. BRRRR.

(New schedule starts this weekend on Sunday 4th.)

cookie dough is relevant. how could you?

please note that my attendence will also include sundays starting about 2 weekends from now.

Noted Ben, I tried to figure out how to do more than three columns, but oh well. And thanks for bringing all the instability exercises to the last workout, I haven’t been including enough “wobbly” moves, and I had originally listed them as a staple.

Just so that people know, if you are planning to come and no one else is signed up I will be there. Rutger’s counter: 5 months.

you know what else would be a great thing to be doing while waiting your turn for some exercise? … Jump ropes!

We’ve used them before, but we can only get one, and people were intimidated by the coordination required. If your requesting them though, we’ll bring’em back.

well I’ll just jump rope by myself then while everyone else stands around. That will get them jumping after a few minutes I’m sure.

adam, if I had known that there were going to be jump ropes then of course I would have come. BRING THEM ON WEDNESDAY!

I promise jump roping (or jumping jacks if you don’t like the rope), quick feet, and wobblyness for wednesday.

not sure I can make it tomorrow, dang.

i’ll try to come this time

Injured my knee at soccer last night so I won’t make it this week :frowning:

adammm. I need a promise of a jump rope. I don’t think I’ll be doing your l and complete and hardcore pylometrics, but I’m committed to the jump-roping. I will be in the gym around 7, a bit after.

Adam are you opposed to moving the sunday workout time to afternoon for this weekend only so that those of us with family obligations (ie thanksgiving) can make it?

The Sunday workouts on October 11 will start:

Medium-Rare 1200
Well Done 1330 (harder of the two)

Everybody is invited to do either or both. This week’s workouts will be titled: “HOW MUCH PIE DID YOU EAT THIS WEEKEND?!?!?!!!”

It will involve some “kids exercises,” “pyramids”, stairs, and boxes.

Then afterwards at 1930 I will host a potluck for people who don’t have family commitments but still want a meal with lots of people. Check the “Everything Else” for information.

So here’s the update. I didn’t eat enough pie to deserve what we did on Sunday.

And today I bonked during my own workout. 35 minutes into the second half I lost it. So a heads up to everybody coming to these workouts, especially the double session, eat and hydrate intelligently, or you will look and feel worse than you ever have before.

That being said, plyometrics and kids exercises are not scary or intimidating as long as you act smart. Do as I say, not as I do.