RESCHEDULED: **saturday 12pm** HammerFest

Adam pointed out that on Thursday night we were crushing F1 laps in the 45km/h range rather than the 40km/h range I indicated.

So this week let it be known that we will be tearing up and down the Estacade at speeds Upwards of 40km/h, or basically as fast as we can go.

It’s another great chance to come perfect your survival skills in a fast pace-line! Getting dropped doesn’t matter, it’s about hanging on as long as you can!

We’ll try our best to keep it together (while still going fast) for a midway sprint, and then it’ll be an all out tear for the finish line.

Meet at the start of the Estacade’s paved section at 12pm! Should be a great ride.

signup added

Yes please.

Add a sign up called " I like it when it hurts" and i’ll come

No excuses now Mike!

zero excuses

As long as the weather is nice!


I will be late. But I will come and try to Dish out some pain

I want the estacade strava segment

More people! We need more people!!
Be brave! Come hammer!

i dont like hammering

I like pizza

I’ll bring a slice if you come David.

What is the actual time for this ride? is it 6ish?

it’s at the bottom of my post. Should have put it up top. Yess 6pm at the estacade

I’ll try and make it out for it. might be a little late though

Hammering is like life. The faster you go, the sooner you’ll be finished.

I’d have come if it was in the morning / afternoon. THIS IS VERY SAD.

On the other hand for all of you pessimists…
Hammering is like life. The longer you go through with it, the more you suffer.