Second Race: Bucknell Cycling Classic

Hellooooooo lovely people!

The second race of the season is Bucknell Cycling Classic, which is in Lewisburg, PA, March 30th-31st. Get pummppppeedd! Whew! We will be leaving Montreal Friday March 29th in the afternoon. The drive will be around 7 1/2 hours :slight_smile: and we should arrive in the evening. We will be returning to Montreal Sunday 31st at night.

If you want to get more information about what ECCC racing is like, go to this post: Spring 2019 ECCC Racing Feeler Post

Similar to the first race, the cost of this trip is dependant on how many people sign up! Generally the price ranges from $50-$30!

Please sign up and vote β€œyes” if you are 100% coming. Sign up before March 20th .

  • Count me in YASS! (Yes)
  • Nununu school got me stressin :frowning: (No)

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@AyaBadali Christopher Gill wants to come as well. I want to come but I may have to move that weekend. I’ll figure out asap if I can move earlier.


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