Spring road conditions

Houde: Good (2013-03-30)
Mount Pleasant: -
UDM: -
Clarke: -
Oratory: -
Cemetary: -

F1: -
Lachine Canal: -
Jacques-Cartier: -

Senneville & Gouin: -
Mac Campus: Good (2013-03-30)
St-Bruno: -
St-Hilaire: -
Chambly: -
Oka: -
Laval Ouest: -
Laval East: Good. (2013-03-30)
St-Eustache: -

Post information about road conditions as you explore, and the execs can keep this post up to date.

All the KOM climbs, except the cemetery but including the oratory are in very good condition. Mostly clean roads and not much water.

F1 apparently full of water still (from 2 independent sources)
Jacques Cartier Bike Path: CLOSED
ESTACADE: ? likely closed

jacques-cartier bridge is closed-off to cyclists 2012-03-11

Bike path along canal has a few slush/ice sections=lots of fun on commuter

Mount Pleasant in good condition just a few areas with water running down but nothing to bad

Houde: Rideable, use caution on cold mornings, ice possible on descent (03-11)
Senneville & Gouin: Rideable, icy shoulders, wet (03-11)

So how do you guys recommend getting onto the south shore? Via the estacade?

Jacques-Cartier bike paths opens tomorrow (14th) at 6pm

Haha I love how the bridge has its own website.

You could always have jumped the fence like PhilZ and I were doing last year

Sadly, the cemetary has small rivers running through is. Actually ridable I would say so long as the temps are (well) above freezing, but it’s a really messy ride at the moment

@Eric, you can also follow the bridge on Twitter believe it or not.

Was at the F1 track today (13-03-2012). It’s still really wet.

However the perimeter of the rowing basin, especially the far side, is dry and clean enough to do some short intensity stuff if you’re into that sort of thing. 2km long so nice “final lap + sprint” distance.

In general, the route to Mont Saint-Hilaire is fairly clear. There’s a large flooded section once you hit the bike path right after Boul. Jacques-Cartier. And there was a lot of snowy-ice (almost 1km) in that wooded area near Brookline. It was 90% rideable on the way back though. Other then that, a few avoidable puddles and plenty of people strolling along on the path midday!! The roads past Chambly are dry and not any more battered from the winter.

track dirty, nut basically no standing water. a few damp patches. don’t take hairpin fast.

Estacade. Its open and in pretty good condition besides a few questionable spots. They have yet to open the gates though. There is a hole in the fence at the icebreaker bridge which you should be able to squeeze through though and some fences to hop if you are coming from F1.

Anyone know when it’s actually open?

I believe the official date is April 15, but hopefully the city will be convinced to do an earlier opening considering this weather.

Today I did the Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue Loop (@93K) (From Roddick gates - through MacDonald campus)

Couple things: foggy and cold in the early morning hours (especially near the snow and shores). There is ice on a section of the bike path that run’s along St. Patrick, nothing major though.

The main issue was gravel/pebbles on the bike path of Chemin de l’Anse a d’Orme. Other than that the route is rideable. Highly suggest it to anyone who wants a nice flat long ride.

Track has been swept, but lane dividers are up… And the Entrance ramp is full of funny looking debris.

damn. it was so nice riding without the dividers.