Why is there so little forum activity?

Come on guys, I need stuff to distract me from my schoolwork! Shouldn’t this be the boom time for the forum, when everyone is looking for some excuse to procrastinate?? I want more little orange thingys shining brightly every time I log on.

Where’s the team spirit.


there is only the spinning class to bring some activity… maybe we should organize more events… I did start to consider hosting a pre-Christmas potluck, but i don’t know if any would bite, cuz I live on the south shore, which isn’t transportation friendly and I guess many people will go home (away from MTL) during the break…

I think we should start a topic with really good youtube cycling videos to distract us when we should be studying, I will start with one I like:

Heres another good one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cw52xnK-4cs&feature=related

I like your thinking ben. way to go. I’ll post one too. This is the DH world championship this year where Sam hill CRASHED!!! who thought it could ever happen. His run up until his crash is simply unbelievable. The fastest race run I’ve every seen for sure. by that last corner he was just flat out over his head.
Despite the crash he still got 3rd place. announcer says he was 10 seconds up before he crashed.



and I can’t resist. here’s another one, which might even merit a couple views back to back. Sam Hill vs. Gee Atherton, split screen. The bike that I bought a few weeks ago happens to be the same bike that Gee Atherton (on the right) rode to world cup victory this year. (his maybe has a few more bling-y parts than mine, but whatever. Only 3 pounds lighter than mine, at 39lbs, and mine cost me about $13,000 less than his would cost)


one more, for those of you who missed the bike movie premiere (or who just want to watch it again).

The Gobi desert segment, (I think with Robbie Bourden) what you might call “Big Mountain” riding, reminicent of many skiing videos.

ben, i had heard of sam hill’s crash during the championships, but had never seen it. wow. that was pure drama at the end. not to mention probabaly the most ridiculously fast dh’ing i’ve ever seen. and sam was just destroying the course…

here’s one: top gear’s jeremy clarkson in a clio vs. gee atherton on his big squish.

one of my favorites.

Sorry, at one point the screen showed 65 km/h?! I watched it a second time with sound, that announcer is great. Thanks Ben.

ok. this one is awesome

Mario Cipollini personifies the true Euro roady cyclist. Be sure to watch till the end.

Do you think we can do this with all Hons’ core training?

I guess we’ll keep my other thread as a mildy offensive, non-cycling related you tube thread :lol:

I was thinking about the lack of activity as well

Perhaps some sort of cycling event is in order? I know that when I’m done on the 9th I need to overdose on a little fun before getting all that data I promised for russia :shock:

I also need to practise on my drinking - russian colleagues consider it very rude if you abstain from any drinks with them.

Even without exams, I understand the need to procrastinate.


That’s right. The markets can be predicted by counting sunspots. As a scientist, I pseudo-endorse this document.

Just like mortality and accident rates go up with ice cream consumption? :lol:

That graph shows a low point of sunspot activity during the .com bust too. :stuck_out_tongue:

There is a more interesting move to study sun activity as a cause for global climate change and the data appears to correlate just as well as CO2.

Ra is clearly displeased.

Jon, I’ll work that into our next class.

Walrus plays the saxophone.

This is better than a monkey bathing a cat.

This is getting a little too uncycling related for me, so here is a good 2007 WC video with lots of crashes, even Sven Nys!! :? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=--2a3AEPk9U&feature=related

pete- that walrus playing sax disappointed me. it’s obviously not playing it. i thought it would actually blow into the thing and play notes. what a rip!

and that monkey made me laugh for all of 21 seconds…

thanks for the ten minutes of distraction everyone!